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My name is C.S. Ratliff. I am a newer fantasy author of the Gnariam’s Fate Saga. The Lightning Rod was my debut novel. My dipping of the toes in water. The sequel, The Thunder King, successfully published less than a year later, met with better success and higher praise. Most recently, third book in this saga, The Tempest Fate, published on March 1st, 2021! It has been the highest praised book in the series so far. Now, I am writing the fourth and final book in Gnariam’s Fate Saga. It will be titled The Shattered Aether. I plan to release it in the summer of 2022.

I have always been filled to the brim with a child-like wonder and an overactive imagination. Whether it was during my martial arts training from a young teen into adulthood, or my four years in the Army, I have always seen the world in a light of bigger possibilities than reality allows.

One day, I decided that I would sit down and finally put pen to paper. The product was the start of a new series, Gnariam’s Fate Saga. I want to share my words and creativity with the world. If I could share one tip to those thinking of becoming a writer, it would be: Do it! Don’t let anything discourage the wonder that is in your mind, and in your heart.

Take a journey with me by clicking the menu. You will find my books, as well as trailers and their links where they are available to purchase!




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