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About me

My name is C.S. Ratliff. I am a newer fantasy author of The Lightning Rod Saga.

I have always been filled to the brim with a child-like wonder and an overactive imagination. Whether it was during my martial arts training from a young teen into adulthood, or my four years in the Army, I have always seen the world in a light of bigger possibilities than reality allows.

One day, I decided that I would sit down and finally put pen to paper. The product was the start of a new series. I want to share my words and creativity with the world. If I could share one tip to those thinking of becoming a writer, it would be: Do it! Don’t let anything discourage the wonder that is in your mind, and in your heart.

Take a journey with me by clicking the menu. You will find my books, as well as trailers and their links where they are available to purchase!

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